5 Ways 3E Helps in Income Generation

5 Ways 3E Helps in Income Generation

Having a source of income is one of our primary concerns in today’s life. It, quite literally, is our bread and butter. The digital era brings its own perks and challenges for income generation. On one hand, e-Commerce is a whole new platform and industry to profit off of. On the other, unemployment levels are drastic, and never have more graduates been less employed at any point in history. Especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, every household has been impacted in one way or another. So how can this gap be bridged? In this article, 3E identifies its stakeholder’s income generation needs, and proposes training-based solutions to meet them!


Parents across all cultures are often the most stressed people regarding income generation. Providing for one’s family is a natural concern in any caregiver, and parents are no different. Especially in a time like the ongoing pandemic, where the economy is unstable and thousands of people are facing unemployment, parents are found to be especially pressed for sources of income. Here are some factors that 3E has identified for parents’ income generation needs:

  • Having a stable and fixed source of income to budget around
  • Being able to meet essential financial needs such as rent, bills, school fees
  • Having skills that have monetary value and can easily be sold
  • Being able to manage finances wisely for future stability
  • Home Makers


While both parents are always concerned about making ends meet, 3E focuses on homemakers as a potential source of income and identifies their value for the same. Running the household is one of the most underrated and underappreciated jobs of all time, and many stay-at-home parents often find ways to make money on top of that. Here are some factors that 3E found to affect homemakers’ income generation:

  • While homemakers may be male, the role is traditionally a female one, which is why income inequality becomes a serious concern
  • The modern age demands a secondary income source, and homemakers can provide this
  • Valuable skills with monetary value can help homemakers generate an income

Retired People (Angels)

Maintaining a financial income is necessary even beyond retirement. Pensions and retirement funds are not guaranteed for all individuals. In fact, living a full life imparts valuable life lessons that turn retired individuals into institutions themselves. 3E understands this and identifies the financial needs of retired people as follows:

  • Having an income for to fulfill basic everyday necessities
  • Being able to cover medical expenses and hospital bills if needed
  • Being able to work without carrying out strenuous labour
  • Being able to share their own life skills and advice with new professionals

Corporate Institutions

Corporations and businesses always require skilled professionals. Their purpose is to maximize income in order to generate profits. For this, corporations seek to employ high-value employees who are efficient and focused on growth. 3E identifies corporate needs for income generation as follows:

  • Need for employees with profitable skills
  • Need for professional and efficient employees
  • Need for money-savvy employees who respect the company’s resources
  • Need for smart and motivated employees who can proactively manage time, money, and other resources


Schools seek to prepare students for practical life. Very often, students struggle with employment due to lack of professional experience or employable skills. They experience a transition shock when moving from school life to the working world. These factors hinder students’ ability to generate an income. Here are some income generation needs for schools that 3E has identified:

  • Training students for the professional world
  • Imparting employable skills to students
  • Preparing students to be well-organized individuals in practical life
  • Teaching students to manage money wisely


Here are the income generation programs that 3E offers for the above stakeholders:

  • Vocational Training (e.g. training for stitching, sewing, beauty industry work, etc)
  • Skill-based training
  • Training to individuals for managing finances

3E’s programs are designed to enrich the individual on a personal and professional level. Not only does this ensure healthy everyday discipline, but also makes 3E’s stakeholders profitable and proactive people. Get in touch with 3E today to find an income generation program that suits you best!

February 15, 2021

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