6 Ways 3E Improves Community Outreach

6 Ways 3E Improves Community Outreach

Humans are social animals. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, you still need some form of enrichment through interactions with other people. There’s an innate pleasure in meeting new people and exploring the different ways in which people live their lives. On a fundamental level, we all crave a connection with one another and the universe at large. We want to feel like we’re part of something big that binds us together. That’s why we love the feeling we get after helping out a stranger, or reconnecting with an old friend.

3E understands this, and believes that every individual has the right to feel useful in society. To support this, the organization analyzes its stakeholders’ community outreach needs, and offers programs to help them flourish. Here are 6 of 3E’s stakeholders, along with each of their social and communal needs.

1. Students

Students are an integral demographic to 3E. The organisation believes that students have multiple intelligences, all of which deserve to be enriched. Apart from academic intelligence, social intelligence goes a long way in students’ lives. It can determine their future success as well as the state of their mental health. Here are some community outreach needs of students, according to 3E:

  • Connecting with like-minded people
  • Attaining meaningful connections in society
  • Finding a sense of belonging
  • Finding their ‘spark’
  • Gaining empathic and supportive mentors
  • Providing for those in need

3E’s programs tackle these needs in wholesome and enriching ways. At their core, they help students connect with society and help them develop a sense of giving back.

2. Parents

The life-lessons you learn after becoming a parent can seem daunting, but almost every individual who has a child has experienced them. Getting swept up in daily chores and the everyday runt can be extremely lonely. This is why 3E believes it is important for parents to have an active community outreach. Here are some social needs of parents that 3E considers important:

  • Connecting with other parents and families
  • Sharing life experiences
  • Helping other parents in need
  • Helping fulfill needs of underprivileged children
  • Meeting new people

Parents are an enormous asset to society. 3E believes in maximizing their potential by making them realize their own value. For this, 3E offers excellent programs, which you can find below.

3. Teachers

Teachers serve as role models to students. If you want to build lifelong habits in students, the easiest way to do that is to mirror it in teachers. This is why 3E considers teachers an important institution to develop a future of people who believe in community outreach. Here are some social needs of teachers identified by 3E:

  • Feeling a sense of connection with society
  • Sharing skills beyond the classroom
  • Connecting with students and parents of varied backgrounds
  • Giving back to the community
  • Volunteering for good causes

3E’s programs help educators become the best versions of themselves so that they can do the same for students. These sessions help keep the spirit of positivity and humanity alive.

4. Schools

Schools are the first place where children develop a sense of community. Naturally, they could benefit from programs to enrich and expand upon the same. Here are some ways community outreach can benefit schools:

  • FIt teaches children to give back to the community
  • It instills lifelong a habit of communal thinking
  • It helps enhance students’ social intelligence
  • It serves as an excellent CSR practice
  • It helps staff and faculty build a connection with the community

3E offers various programs that schools can implement to attain the above benefits.

5. Corporate Institutions

Modern corporations are concerned about social wellness more than ever. Aside from CSR and brand image, corporations know that their employees’ motivation levels can benefit from social interaction and positive initiatives. That’s where community outreach comes in. Below are some corporate perks of community outreach that 3E has identified:

  • Employees feel connected with society
  • Employees can share their stories and skills
  • A sense of unity is fostered by a team of employees representing the same company for a good cause
  • Employees appreciate the company’s sense of social responsibility

3E’s corporate programs serve as excellent CSR, and because they focus on improving employee morale, they end up increasing productivity and efficiency as well. Win-win!

6. Retired People (Angels)

After spending a holistic lifetime of gaining professional, personal, and social experience, retired people (or Angels) become an institution of learning in themselves. Their wisdom, insight, and abilities are a treasure trove that young people can benefit from immensely. To make the most of this, 3E believes that Angels should have maximum exposure with students, parents, educators, and professionals alike. Here are some advantages of this:

  • Retired peoples’ life experiences get preserved
  • Generational stories get passed on
  • Young people can find motivation and inspiration from the stories of older generations
  • Angels can pass on priceless ‘life hacks,’ tips and tricks
  • Angels can offer career talks and pass on other skills

By offering these programs, 3E aims to ensure that senior citizens find value in the world and attain a healthy means of community outreach.


Here are the community outreach programs 3E offers for the above stakeholders:

  • Share your Story
  • Assist Students with Special Needs
  • Awareness Program: Compassionate Citizen
  • Fund a Program
  • Participate in Community Service as a Volunteer
  • Gift a Program
  • Offer Career Talks
  • Donate
  • Teach a Skill to Others
  • Offer Internship to Students
  • Offer Career Talks
  • Offer CSR Activity (Corporate Social Responsibility)
February 15, 2021

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