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Fund a Program

What do you mean by funding?

Funding is the act of providing resources, generally in form of money or other values such as effort or time, for a project, a person, a business. Sources of funding include donations, grants, savings, subsidies and credit. Funds can be allocated for either short term or long term purposes.

1.Are you looking forward to provide finance for a need, program or project?

2.Do you want to provide funds for social, educational, economic, psychological empowerment of women?

3.Do you see a merit in funding programs that reaching community?

4. Do you see a merit in funding programs to empower local farmers?

5.Do you see a merit in funding workshops for career counselling, self-esteem of students?

1.When funding for women empowerment, not only her but the next generation will be empowered too. She will be socially as well as economically independent.

2.Financial aid to students lowers the dropout rate.

3. Financial aids for Career planning programs helps students discover a career path that suits their interests, passions and goals.

4. Funds for self-esteem programs help an individual develop self-confidence and leadership skills.

5.Funds for special need can be geared, where teaching is matched closely to learning styles and strength of an individual. The staff has excellent understanding of their needs.



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