Gift a Program

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Gift a Program

1.Do you believe in giving back to the society?

2.Do you believe in social, economic, educational empowerment of women?

3.Do you want to assist children and adults with special needs?

4.Do you see merit in gifting programs that reaching community?

5.Do you see merit in gifting workshops of self-esteem and career planning for
students? What do you mean by gift?

Gift is all about showing people that you care and think enough about them, something that really makes the other person smile. When you give your time, energy, thought and love, you are showing your personality and generosity as a human being. Gifting should provide
both the giver and the receiver great satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment.

Benefits of gifting a program
1.When you gift a program for women empowerment, not only her but the next generation will be empowered too. She will be socially as well as economically independent.

2. Programs that provide aids to students help lower the dropout rate.

3.Career planning programs helps students discover a career path that suits their interests, passions and goals.

4. Self -esteem programs helps an individual develop self-confidence and leadership skills.

5. When you gift programs for individuals with special needs, it helps them to grow, gain skills and work towards independence.

6. Makes you a better person personally and professionally and see the world through different set of eyes.



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