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Dr. Mauli Mahajan

Empowerment is a term that has interested people since long. And one reason that can be attributed to this, is that empowerment endorses power and the strength that’s needed to take control of one’s life. And, such a self-awakening is the root of our existence. It defines us and our idea of power. Empowerment also being a deeply engrained social process, defines our personality by assigning us the strength to voice our concerns and stand for our rights. And, need I add, from that emanates our wellbeing, security and status.

Being a “Counsellor at heart”, I have always wanted to empower individuals by creating awareness on the existence of our – “SELF”. As we grow we tend to lose focus from our “SELF”, to aspects such as acceptance, performance, achievement, recognition and growth (external). In the process we tend to neglect our core foundation – “SELF”. At each and every step we compromise on our “SELF” but do not realize the damage that happens along the way until one day we give in to the confusion and frustration that ensues.

3E Worldwide is a platform which seeks to educate individuals, starting on with their “SELF”, and enhancing them through their significant milestones as per their individual needs, desires and age. Be it a student or a parent, a teacher or a school, a corporate or a professional, an institution or an NGO, home maker or retired personnel, my mission is to strengthen community relations collaboratively by engaging each and every one according to their dispositions and strengths.

Let’s join hands to empower individuals and create a society where empowerment enables well being