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Swati Mulchandani

GEMS Modern Academy
During this internship, I was able to develop some important skills which will help enhance the quality of my research reports. I learnt about the basic structure of a research report and the importance of the reliability of the data that we analyze. I was able to learn a lot from my peers as well who were all researching about different topics. This was definitely one of the most useful research internships I have done. I am grateful to 3E Worldwide for providing me with this opportunity which will definitely help in the future.

Narayan Gurung

To be able to express myself and be a part of daily productive conversations and discussions during managerial psychology sessions from 3E worldwide at IIIM, has been a very fruitful experience for not just developing my knowledge towards the subject but also towards my approach to management in general. Concepts like diversity, mindsets, analytics, and cultures have been very interesting to not just learn but to apply via practical examples given in class.

Hasti Lakhani

MBA 1st Year
Managerial psychology has been a rollercoaster of a journey, from deep theories to understanding human brain functionality and how to apply that into management systems. 3E worldwide and CHARUSAT have put together a lot of work and effort into making us better not just in academics but also in personal development

Pravina Kanti Zala

MBA 1st Year
The energy I get from the sessions of managerial psychology is very positive and charges us up for the day ahead. It has been an experience where we've learned through a holistic approach of discussions, games and exercises that have helped us grow our mindset into a broader and larger segment of efficient management techniques.

Ishan Raj

University of Bristol - UK Internship in Engineering
I was very fulfilled with the internship | undertook with 3E Worldwide this summer, as it provided me with insight into the mechanical engineering industry and allowed me to refine my skills in the context of the workplace as compared to an academic setting.

Sanjay Kumar

Founder EdJustice- INDIA
Edjustice truly appreciates the effort of 3eworldwide for mobilizing some extraordinary students from Dubai and connecting them with underprivileged students from Bihar, India. The interns from Dubai took English classes for about 6 weeks, which helped the government school students quite a lot. This was a first of its kind exposure and connected learning opportunity for these students. We would be very happy to stay connected and run such joint programs in the future.

Pranav Vin

Grade 12, GEMS Our Own Indian School- Dubai
In 2021, I secured an intensive internship with the Advertising department. During my time there, I was able to learn some valuable skills in the fields of Advertisement and Marketing, and established new connections with both my fellow interns and the faculty. Overall, my experience with the institution was both enjoyable and beneficial, and I am deeply grateful to 3E Worldwide for providing me with such an opportunity.

Mrunal Mahendra Govilkar

GEMS Modern Academy- Dubai
Having great passion for Biology and Medicine, this interest of mine compelled me to look for a research internship opportunity. In the months of July and August of 2021, I secured an intensive research internship through 3E Worldwide, on Biogenic Amines in Neurotransmission and Human Disease. My experience was exhilarating, where I acquired valuable information regarding neurotransmission and diseases associated with it. Overall, my experience with the institution was both enjoyable and beneficial, and I am deeply grateful to 3E Worldwide for providing me with such an opportunity.

Varun Pabreja

GEMS Modern Academy- Dubai
In the month of July 2021, I had acquired an internship at a Gold Partner company of Microsoft, thanks to 3E Worldwide. During this internship, I deep-dived into the corporate framework, and learnt about CRM, Data Entry, Data Management, Data Processing, and most importantly, ML & AI through Powerapps. The internship provided me valuable insight into how the corporate world works as well. Overall, I am extremely happy with my experience.

Farhan Siddiqui

Grade 11, Gems Modern Academy- Dubai
In July 2021, I secured an internship with an computer programming company with the help of 3E Worldwide. My learnings and overall experience was very fruitful and engaging. I gathered extensive knowledge on Learning Management Systems, where I interestingly learnt how to create a news magazine website with my team on WordPress. I am very sure this new learning and experience will surely help me in my future career path. I also made new connections with my fellow interns. Overall, I had a very pleasant and engaging experience.

Naraen Gopalakrishnan

Grade 11, Gems Modern Academy- Dubai
I had joined the Career Development program with 3E Worldwide, where I choose to do Community Service. I had to make plans for English lessons which will be used by the student teachers. I was in charge of making PowerPoint presentations and making exercise worksheets for teaching and learning. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience as it helped my student friends to teach the students in India. I am thankful to 3E team for planning and organizing this fabulous opportunity.

Shrenik Kumar

Grade 12, Gems Modern Academy- Dubai
The career development and emotional development summer program has helped me develop so much over its course... There were so many amazing parts to it that I barely know where to start. We had sessions and workshops on how to raise self-esteem, alongside multiple individual counseling sessions and psychometric tests. And, as an icing on an already delicious cake, we also had 4 sessions of art therapy, which I found extremely helpful and a webinar for parents on how to understand their children. Thank you 3E Worldwide for designing this wonderful activities.

Halima Aafreen Nazar

Grade 11 Student, Gems Our Own Indian School- Dubai
In 2021, I did a one-month Internship in Retail industry in Dubai. During the internship, I learned so many things about Sales and Retail. I improved my communication and social skills. This experience was a really fascinating one and being able to learn so many things makes it a fun and educational experience. Thank you so much for providing me with this wonderful opportunity, I am deeply grateful to 3EWorldwide.


IIPHG, India
After attending the session on “Career Planning and Guidance” conducted by Dr. Mauli Mahajan, the founder of 3E Worldwide, I am extremely grateful because the session has cleared my most of doubts regarding my Career Planning about further studies as well as job prospective also. Thank you so much to 3E and IIPHG for this extremely amazing session. It was really thought-provoking.

Prof. Miral M. Desai

Asst. Professor, Department of EC Engineering, CSPIT, CHARUSAT
Improving Accountability and Relationship Building Session on Improving Accountability and Relationship Building, offered by 3E experts was excellent. The examples quoted and the level of interactions helped me a immensely to build stronger relationships with the communities. The techniques for improving accountability helped me a lot to be focused in my work.

Dr. Gaurav Shukla

The session on Career Planning and Guidance held on 19th June 2021 by 3E team was an excellent one. It really evaluated us by various parameters of our strengths and weaknesses. We can now know our interests and abilities in a better way. Some practical tips and guest faculty presentation on Canada education and placement, was like "Cherry on the top". Hearty thankful to 3E Team for such an inspirational and intellectual conversations.

Insia Merchant

Community Service Program- Elderly Home, India
My entire experience of working with 3E Worldwide has been a phenomenal one and would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to them to give me this golden opportunity to be a part of the old age service and also to give me the opportunity to lead my group at school for the same. My biggest takeaway from this program was realizing the importance of grandparents and the significance of the emotional bond that we share with them. This program has helped me massively in building my relationship with them.

Harsh Jadeja

B. Tech Student, CHARUSAT University – India
had a great, very interesting and valuable experience as intern of Social Media: Development and Maintenance, Creating Content and Conducting Research at 3E Worldwide. I got confidence to thoughtfully use variety of quantitative approaches in my work. I feel that over the duration of the course I gained a lot of knowledge and practical strategies that will be beneficial to me, and those I deal with personally and professionally. I would like to thank 3E and specially Dr. Mauli for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Aanya Jaiswal

Grade 10 Student, Dubai
I think the individual counselling sessions with Ms. Mauli have been really helpful and beneficial for me. At first I was unsure but after the first session itself I already felt confident and better about myself. It has helped me boost my self- esteem and now I am much happier with not just friends and family but most importantly with myself. I would 100% recommend ❤️.

Sanskriti Nathani

James Madison University in Virginia, USA
Dr. Mauli has truly been an inspiration to be taught by, her determination and persistence to always bring out the best in people and the work she does is truly wonderful to watch. Although, the above are few mentioned programs that I got to interact with her for, there are various other programs that she has lead and been part of, that have been extremely successful.

Anushri Mittal

Grade 12 Student, Dubai
The seven days community outreach trip, organized by Dr. Mauli Mahajan, at The Aastha Foundation, India was an absolute delight! It allowed me to hone my patience, learn from the experiences of others, made me a better listener and enhanced my leadership skills. To further this activity, I launched the Aastha Teaching Programme under the guidance of Mauli ma’am to teach the girls in the NGO online during COVID. Ma’am’s constant support is helping me make this programme a success.

Bansi Vicchi

MBA 1st Year
As a student of IIIM, i had been given an opportunity to dive into the subject of managerial psychology provided to us by the mentors of 3E worldwide, An experience I would not forget anytime soon. The classes and the exercises have always been very pro-learning and helps us become not just better managers but better humans as a whole.

Ajay Kathayat

MBA 1st Year (International Student from Nepal)
I have learnt a lot that I can use in my professional journey from managerial psychology sessions conducted by 3E worldwide mentors at CHARUSAT University. It has been a very privileged opportunity to be able to learn about such aspects of psychology in managerial functions and processes.

Keval Soni

MBA 1st Year
I have learnt numerous things that I can apply in my day to day working from the subject "managerial psychology" the most interesting class we've been a part of so far. With excellent mentors from 3E worldwide and efforts from IIIM I've been able to develop myself in ways I couldn't tap into before.

Neelam Mohan

Founder and Chairperson, Elderly Home
It was a bleak winter day in the middle of the Covid Crisis that we received a call from Dr Mauli, Founder of 3E Worldwide, Dubai. Her suggestion of connecting her students with our residents brought hope and happiness to many of us grappling with extreme isolation. Dr Mauli has set an exemplary example, constantly monitoring the program given to the students and confirming our feedback and participation on the zoom calls. We now have an irrevocable relationship with 3E Worldwide. We hope for participation of youngsters, for the mutual benefit youngsters and our elders. This has taught our elders to open their hearts, share, and care and we hope the younger generation has learnt some important life lessons and understand the essence of bonding

Ayesh Shanah,

Operation Manager- Dubai
3E worldwide offers a great educational service. They introduced us to two distinctive students, to undergo an internship with our training institute in order to find career opportunities and develop social and educational skills. The team was very supportive and friendly. Dr. Mauli, the founder of the enterprise was reachable and very helpful throughout the internship period. The students were very enthusiastic and took some classes with our instructors to get to know the field better.


My internship in the field of Psychology has been an extremely rewarding experience. During my one month internship, I was able to understand the special needs kids and learnt how to be more patient and kinder. It was always so nice to meet new kids and listen to them talk, learn their story, and participate in the things that they love.  Being a part of this has changed my outlook on life for the better. Overall, my experience with the institution was both enjoyable and beneficial and I am deeply grateful to 3E worldwide for providing me with such an insightful opportunity.

Gautham Rakesh

Grade 10, The Millennium School- Dubai 
I attended the Career Development sessions during the summer break and I am glad I was able to engage in the talks from the subject experts of their specific fields. Workshops on CV making, Essay Writing and How to select a career, were extremely insightful and beneficial for me, which has helped me in my career selection process. I am deeply grateful to 3E Worldwide for providing me with such an opportunity. 

Dr. Sushmitha G

Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar, INDIA
I am always up for new learnings and hence I was very excited to attend workshop on Career planning and Guidance by 3E Worldwide. It was very insightful and useful for my future and throughout it captured my undivided attention- it was so engaging. I am very thankful to Dr. Mauli and her team for the interactive session and my Institute for organising it.

Athira Pramod

Applied Psychology student, Amity University – Dubai
My journey as an ‘Research Intern’ with 3E helped me to improve not only as a budding psychologist, but also as a human being. It was a tremendous learning opportunity and improved my knowledge base. Throughout the program, their remarks inspired me to push myself harder and to go beyond my comfort zone in all of my research tasks. Big Thank you to 3E team to inspire me, continuously encourage & motivate me, as even in the face of difficulties, they provided me with unwavering support. I hope to have the opportunity to work with this group again in the future.”

Kousik Jayshankar Roy

B.Tech, CHARUSAT University- India
We were all pleased with the topic of the workshop on “RAISING SELF ESTEEM”. The flow was awesome and we enjoyed it thoroughly. I was very happy that all our questions were answered and they were very insightful. I plan to implement some of the activities in day-to-day life. 3E gave me a new sense of pride towards myself and towards my career.

Marilyn E Maze

I met Dr. Mauli Mahajan at an NCDA Conference several years ago where she was presenting her comprehensive career planning program for the GEMS schools. It was a high-quality program that systematically addressed the needs of students from elementary through secondary. The design showed me that she is a skilled administrator who is capable of designing effective programs and addressing the many issues that arise effectively. Her knowledge of the career planning needs of youth was extensive.

Mansi Jesani

B. Tech Student, CHARUSAT University - India
Dr. Mauli’s session on Career Planning and Guidance was excellent. It was fun learning about my interests, abilities and skills through various interactive exercises. Earlier my thoughts regarding my career were vague but now my ideas have got a shape and direction. I know my strengths better now, and I am much more clear about my career ahead. My knowledge regarding various careers options have also improved.

Deepa Jhaveri

Trustee and Hon. Secretary, Aastha – The Foundation Of Hope, India
The community outreach program was organized in order to educate and provide a new experience to 250 young girls studying at M.M. Kanya Vidhyalay, Ahmedabad. We believe, this program was not only about exchanging knowledge but also sharing smiles, exchange of diverse cultures and opportunity to share stories and make memories!  We would like to extend our gratitude towards Ms. Mauli for designing, coordinating and leading on this program.

Sydney Atkins

Vice Principal, GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai
Over the years that I have known Dr. Mauli, she has planned strategically, implemented, and overseen programs, and helped many students. She works with school leaders to tailor make opportunities. Mauli understands the psychological frame of an individual well and guides with utmost professionalism. She does conscious exploration of the student and parent quickly, and analyzes the silent giveaways hidden in the casual conversation and connects the finer points that could have a lasting impact.

Christina Kallas

Head of Enrollments and Outreach, SAE Institute Dubai
Dr. Mauli Mahajan and SAE Institute Dubai (the leading educator in Creative Media Industries) have been collaborating for the past 4 years in a way to develop the creative thinking to students by modelling and inspiring them through practical internships and job shadowing, students are able to learn, grow and express their talents and creativity in a media driven environment.”

Kunal Singh Sandhu

Executive Director, Talentel & CogitoHub
Dr. Mahajan is a thorough professional. She has exceptional organizational and leadership skills and can drive and motivate diverse groups of students. She is energetic and enthusiastic and takes on new and challenging projects and responsibilities with ease. On behalf of CogitoHub, we are very grateful for her support at creating adoption for the Assessment Product.

Neha Patel

Hon. Secretary, Aastha – The Foundation of Hope, India
Dr. Mauli very meticulously designed the community outreach trip, from making her students develop and execute lesson plans, to teaching and organizing activities in old age home. She plans very well, keeping tabs on not only what her students are contributing and gaining out of the experience, but also asking us if we are fairing well with them. The program went very smoothly, with absolutely no issues, thanks to her detailed planning and constant supervision.

Harshini Balla

King’s College London, UK
In 2019, I secured an intensive one-week internship with the Media and Communications department at Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai. During my time there, I was able to learn some valuable skills in the fields of publication and journalism, and established new connections with both my fellow interns and the faculty. Overall, my experience with the institution was both enjoyable and beneficial, and I am deeply grateful to Dr. Mauli for providing me with such an opportunity.

Tejas Labhshetwar

Founder & CEO, Gyanberry Technologies INC
Ms. Mauli is a seasoned college and career counseling professional serving the international education community for many years. She is absolutely committed to student success. It was my pleasure to be associated with several impeccable events and seminars organised by her. Ms. Mauli is a great learning resource and guide for students, parents and any higher education professional.

Forum Bhat

B. Tech Student, CHARUSAT University - India
The session on Career Selection was extremely helpful to me. Before I was confused but after the session I know what to do and how to choose my career systematically. The activities given were very good for knowing yourself and to explore careers. Activities made me realize that I am interested in web development. I would like to say thank you to Ms. Mauli for giving me the chance to be part of this session. 

Tirth Dave

Managerial psychology has been a subject that I was looking forward to, I have learnt so much from my mentors of 3E worldwide and the efforts of CHARUSAT, that i can implement all my class learnings into my personal and professional life.

Shivani Nanda

MBA 1st Year
We have been exposed to an array of new learnings from managerial psychology sessions. One of the finest mentors from 3E worldwide and IIIM, I have been able to see a new me after applying my learnings of class into my practical life. With so much to learn and a subject as deep as psychology when it gets merged with management, we can be a leap ahead of other aspirants who are in their MBA currently.

Abhishek Desai

Grade 11, The Millennium School- Dubai
MBA 1st Year
Managerial psychology has been a very interesting subject to know and learn about, especially with the mentors from 3E worldwide, learning has never been this fun. There has been a lot of new things that we have understood as the subject progressed and we took an insight of the mental process and understanding managerial functions from a side we've not been exposed to before. Thanks to CHARUSAT for bringing this gem of a subject to us.

Dania Hamid

Grade 11, The Millennium School- Dubai
In 2021, I secured an internship with the BioChem and BioMed department. In my run as an intern, I attained higher knowledge of concepts and gained experience of communication and respect. I also established connections with my fellow peers. My experience was fruitful, as I was able to finalize my decision for the career I want to pursue. I am grateful to 3E WorldWide for providing me with this beneficial opportunity.

Om Sudhan

Grade 12, Gems Modern Academy-Dubai
In 2021, I secured an internship in the field of Biomedicine with the help of 3E Worldwide. During the internship, I was given the tasks of completing a series of assignments relating to the topic of biogenic amines in neurotransmitters. which included the connection between neurotransmitters and symptoms and treatments of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and some autoimmune diseases like diabetes mellitus and rheumatoid . The extensive research done and knowledge gained in my interested field certainly provided me with a better insight into my future line of study and helped me to further finalize my decision.

Muskaan Ali

Grade 12, Gems Our Own Indian School, Dubai
In 2021, I secured an intensive one month internship. During my time there, I was able to learn some valuable skills in the fields of marketing, advertising, and public relations, and established new connections with both my fellow interns and the employees. Overall, my experience with the firm was both enjoyable and beneficial, and I am deeply grateful to 3E Worldwide for providing me with such an opportunity.

Aiswaryalekshmi Girish Krishnan

Grade 11 Student, Our Own Indian School –Dubai
In 2021, I was able to secure an Internship of teaching English to students in Bihar as part of the community service program. During my time there, I developed lesson plans and taught to high school students. I was able to make a lot of new friends and improve my teaching skills. I would like to thank 3E Worldwide for providing me with such a fantastic opportunity.

Vaibav Manoharan

Grade 12, Gems Modern Academy- Dubai
In August 2021, I secured a month long internship with Retail industry in Dubai. During my time there, I was able to gather valuable skills in the field of Visual Marketing, Sales, Customer Care and general working of retail stores. I also established connections with the employees there. Overall, my experience with the retail store was very informative and valuable and at the same time, enjoyable. I would like to thank 3E Worldwide for the great opportunity and for assisting me with securing the internship in Dubai.

Dr. Mittal Desai

Assistant Professor at CMPICA, CHARUSAT
It was a wonderful session on "Improve Accountability" by 3e Experts. Discussions around the importance of our professional habits of responding to emails and strategically using social media was really very significant to improving accountability as it is very much related to our professional image.

Rutika Mehta

I have to admit it helped me strengthen my stand on where and how I should be heading. The questions were really interesting and they made me explore my interest areas. The career buckets were extremely comprehensive and very well organized, too! It helped me understand how I could play my strong suits and work upon my shortcomings. I would definitely recommend my friends battling career choices to attend 3E’s session on Career Planning.

Colonel Vinod Kumar

Owner, Saint Kabir Group of Schools, India
I have known Mauli since over 15 years and have seen her develop professionally into a very passionate and determined professional. Her vision to counsel and guide students on well-being and career guidance, develop new curriculum on “Counselling Skills’ for teachers and designing innovative webinars for parents is a very credible. She is a research based academician, counsellor and a trainer, who delivers quality with personalized guidance.

Toshiko Singh Malhotra

Head Primary & IBDP Teacher, GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai
A true visionary and an enterprising innovator with the heart of an educator, Dr. Mauli turbo boosted, guided and steered innovative and immersive learning experiences for the Primary School at GEMS Modern Academy. Her diligence to the cause was instrumental. Her determination and commitment is legendary. We wish Dr. Mauli all the very best in all her endeavors. Her hardworking nature coupled with intelligence, acumen and spirit will bring her much success.

Praveen Parameswar

CEO and Co-founder, Lifology, India
Dr. Mauli Mahajan is one among the very few global experts who approaches career planning with intellectual clarity and academic depth. Every conversation had with her was indeed a wonderful learning experience.

Varun Modak

Junior at Virginia Tech, USA
Before I got here, I was quite confused as every other student applying to American universities is. The application process can be quite daunting and having someone who personalizes their counseling and advice was extremely helpful. I am extremely glad that Dr. Mauli was quite frank with me during the counselling sessions, never overestimating or underestimating my abilities, and being able to nudge me towards a good list of universities to apply to.

Vinaya Jaydev

IB Assistant Coordinator, GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai
Her attention to detail is noteworthy - a perfectionist who will settle for nothing less than the best- it is an attribute that sets Dr. Mauli apart from the rest. She has been a pillar of support whenever one faces challenges. She is admired for her sharp intelligence, helpful nature and her humorous side. She is known to deliver her work on time - a hallmark of true professional!

Aliza Abbas Mithwani

Grade 12 , International School of Choueifat, Dubai
My interaction with Ms. Mauli was the first step towards choosing my major. After doing an aptitude test with her, she provided me with an elaborate list of career options to research and pursue, many of which I was unaware of, and this helped me deep dive in exploring my career options.

Sameer Shaikh

Galaxkey Ltd.
Through the internship program run by Galaxkey Ltd., Dr. Mauli showed good foresight in introducing her students to new career domain like cyber security. She led structuring the details and ensured the program delivered excellent value to her students. Through our numerous interactions, I have come to appreciate her holistic view about career building and her willingness to guide people from various walks of life.

Farooq Haroon

Human Resource Manager Kibsons International LLC, UAE
We welcomed students for the Internship Program, lead by Dr. Mauli Mahajan, in 2019 during the month of July and August. Our internship program has provided them the insights of a workplace environment and the contribution of each department in achieving the corporate goals. Kibsons has a multicultural environment and it serves every newcomer in understanding and accepting other cultures resulting in a personality development.

Aimee Daniel

Grade 12 Student, Dubai
I choose the civil engineering internship as that was the field I was looking mainly into for college. It was an amazing experience. I learnt about civil engineering, how to create a client specification sheet and dimensions chart where we used design software to design a floor plan. This program helped in improving my decision-making, math skills, organizational and problem-solving skills which are needed in a civil engineer. I would like to thank Dr. Mauli for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Swathi Pravinkumar

Grade 12 Student, Dubai
The internship not only helped me gain more academic knowledge but also made me realize that Computer Science was my passion. It helped me further develop my problem-solving skills which are a vital component in Computer Science at the university level. It is under Ms. Mauli’s supervision that I was able to attend this internship during the midst of a pandemic. I am very grateful to her for giving me this opportunity.

Neha Sancheti

IB Student, Dubai
I had a great and fruitful time interning and researching under BITS Pilani's business department, this summer.   I learnt to analyze financial statements, learnt how to research effectively and how to write a research paper.  I would like to thank Dr. Mauli for giving me this opportunity, as this  experiential learning experience, has not only build upon my skills but has also helped me to confirm upon my decision to pursue business as my major at the university.

Khushi Rathod

Grade 12 Student, Dubai
As a medical aspirant, I have always been interested in learning about mind and body interactions, so undertaking this research program, organized by Dr. Mauli at the Psychology Department of Amity University, provided me with the appropriate means and support to carry out extensive research and delve into the upcoming field of psychoneuroimmunology. I would also like to express my gratitude to Dr. Mauli for providing the senior students with a wonderful opportunity to build on our research skills.

Tasneem Kurabadwala

Grade 11 Student, Dubai
The one month virtual research internship at Amity University, Dubai in Computer Science, was an amazing learning experience as I had never used Python and R programming languages before. The project opened my eyes to the vast possibilities in the world of OCR and its many uses in everyday life.  Thank you Dr. Mauli for organizing this program for us.

Sumedha Mohanty

Grade 12 Student, Dubai
On completing the two months research program in the department of Forensic Sciences, my will to pursue a career in biochemistry, and hopefully forensics, has strengthened. I have become a more apt researcher and my analytical skills have definitely improved. I am grateful to Mauli ma’am for this opportunity.

Princess Kachhadiya

B. Tech Student, CHARUSAT University - India
Session with Dr. Mauli on - How to Select a Career was a great session and eye-opening experience. She helped me through exercises and activities, to know about my likes and dislikes. I am confident about my career path now. The different tasks and discussions were very helpful. I would recommend others also to attend these sessions.

Priya Modak

Home Maker, Dubai
3E Worldwide is a wonderful, transparent association that works with a vision for the betterment of students, professionals and empowerment of home makers. My association with 3E since its inception is a testament to the self-belief, enhancement of my self-esteem that Dr. Mauli has instilled in me and other home makers like me and I am keenly looking forward to a long term association in this journey, towards empowerment.

Sonia Chawla

Home Maker, India
Being a homemaker have been looking for an opportunity or a gateway to unlock my potential. I came across Mauli Mahajan’s 3E Worldwide project. After attending some of her sessions, I became so much self-aware, and through her able guidance that gave me so much of confidence to believe in my Self, to be more aware of my power, potential and growth. I am so honored to be a part of 3E.

Saheba Priyadarshni

Lead - Product & Client Development: Talentel,  CogitoHub 
My experience of working with Dr. Mahajan has been very enriching. She has shared some great insights and feedback on the Grade 8-12 CogitoHub Career Tests and has helped us further enhance the test. With her global experience and extensive knowledge in Career Counselling, her sessions with the students are extremely fruitful. 

Aarti Damania

IB1 Student, Dubai
Dr. Mauli was the one who pushed me to take part in at least one internship, when I was about to give up on the opportunity, and I am very thankful, I took it! The entire process of the internship program along with communication and teachers also went along smoothly and I am very happy and grateful that I took part in this program, and I would love to do it again if I ever get the chance.

Rishi Dhir

IB2 Student, Dubai
During the one month research program with BITS Pilani’s Mechanical department, I gained experience on mechanics and aerodynamics along with a chance to hone my research, note taking and critical thinking skills. It allowed me to indulge myself in a course which I would want to pursue in the future and do my further studies on, and I was very happy with the outcome.  I would like to thank Dr. Mauli for giving me this opportunity.

Divij Vidhi Handa

Grade 11 Student, Dubai
The virtual research program in the field of mechatronics was an insightful extension of my academic learnings taught in school. It was an in-depth educational journey that has helped me gain new knowledge and skills, leading me with more clarity on my future career choice. I will be thankful to Ms. Mauli for leading this programme in our school and giving us this internship opportunity even in this time of pandemics.

Vansh Wahi

Grade 11 Student, Dubai
The virtual research program at Manipal University was a great experience for me which helped me understand the field of mechanical engineering better and led to make a career decision in the field of Computer Science- Machine Learning.  I am appreciative of the opportunity and would like to thank Dr. Mauli for organizing and leading on the program where along with acquiring knowledge I enhanced my analytical and critical thinking skills.

Swaraj Nandan

Director & Co-founder, LIC UnivAssist
I have known Mauli for a few years since our chance to travel to multiple universities in USA over a 2 week period. Mauli is a highly knowledgeable and networked counselor with global universities, essential qualities to work with students and parents. She has regularly been recognized as a thought leader in the community, speaking regularly at educator conferences. Mauli can be a tremendous resource foe a student planning their higher education and career path.

Diksha Kamalesh

Grade 8 GEMS Modern Academy- Dubai
This Summer I had enrolled for the Emotional Development program hosted by the 3E team. I feel this year was the most productive and exciting year so far. They had hosted a lot of thoughtful sessions. My personal favorite was the art therapy because I felt an aura of peaceful thoughts and calmness after the session. My overall experience was great, I would definitely recommend this to my friends.
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