Case Study Of Emirates NBD

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Case Study Of Emirates NBD

How and why you secured the Internship

  • Since 10th grade I have taken a deep interest in Finance and Accountancy. When I first found about the internship in Emirates NBD, I realized that this would be an opportunity to gain some experience and know which path to choose in my future.
  • I got selected through an interview and was given two options ( Retail banking and Corporate Banking) at the end of the interview and I chose Corporate Banking.

Firm Overview

  • Emirates NBD is one of the largest banking groups in the Middle East in terms of assets
  • I was in the Corporate Banking division in the Head Office at Deira.

What did I do

  • It was a very informative and intensive internship where we were placed under various instructors and were taught the very essence of Corporate Banking.
  • I was with other 4 students were we worked as a team to do various tasks assigned to us.
  • We learned the various products, The bank offers large corporates and various fields such as transaction, wholesale, and retail Banking.
  • We were given tasks like analyzing two balance sheets of two large firms and answer various questions which they had given us.
  • I also got the chance to talk with some of the employees and gain some valuable information regarding the bank. They gave some insight on how markets work and how banks visualize and analyze these markets, looking for an opportunity, and earn customers i.e money.

Did it meet your expectations

  • I expected more than what I was expecting, I gained a lot of knowledge regarding corporate Banking and I wasn’t expecting to talk to so many people and understand how the banking system works.
  • Needless to say, I was very happy with the internship and had a great time in the company.

How has the experience affected your career Goals

  • Before the internship, I had no idea which career I should pursue in Finance, but after my internship, from various employees who I approached and talked to gave me feedback on my tasks and told my weaknesses and strengths. They told me to pursue whatever my interest is, as long as its something you wont regret later in my life and you may also change you mind a lot of times in the future and told us to be prepared for it.
  • Corporate banking, may not be my future career goal but learning about the essence of corporate banking has made me more confident and given me experience to plan my future.

Your Recommendations : Based on my experience

  • I’d say if anyone is given the opportunity to intern for this firm, I would immediately say yes.
  • Working in this firm was a great experience for me and I had a great time working with my mentors and my friends while finishing important tasks were given to us.
  • To anyone who wants to intern for this firm, I would find no reason to say no. It is one of the best internships anyone could ask for.

Facets of the Internship

  • Hard to believe but I would say I liked every aspect of the internship with no faults.
  • Everyone was very supportive and appreciative of what we were doing. There were proper tasks assigned to us which we learned a lot from.
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