Comprehensive Career Guidance Program for Schools

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Comprehensive Career Guidance Program for an Indian and IB School in Dubai

Comprehensive Career Guidance Program for an Indian and IB School in Dubai


A comprehensive career guidance program was developed and implemented in Grades 1 to 12, with the purpose to provide students with successful educational experiences. Keeping in mind the need of the grade, each activity was pilot tested and adapted. ‘Paws in Jobland’ for grade 1 to 7 was devised with the focus on curriculum enhancement, teacher's training, class room presentations and parental engagement. For grades 8 to 12 activities such as individual counselling sessions, workshops, career fairs, psychometric testing, internships, accelerator program, university tours and university applications were effectively introduced and delivered.


The comprehensive career guidance program needs to be an integral part of a school’s annual plan. It needs to be developed with well planned activities as per the age and educational/academic level of the child. It has to be well crafted, pilot tested, implemented and monitored by careers counsellors and teachers with the active support of parents, administrators and community at large.

It provides guidance and counselling material in a systematic way with the purpose to create student awareness, skill development and application. It is implemented by the teachers and the career team through activities and programs such as :

  • Classroom presentations
  • Self-awareness and exploration exercises
  • Career awareness and exploration tool- Paws in Jobland and Choices360

It assists students to systematically plan, monitor and manage their academic and career journey with the purpose to help them draw and work through their individual career plan. It is implemented by the career team, parents, students, corporates, university representatives, school administration and professionals from the field through activities and programs such as:

  • Subject selection orientation
  • Accelerator program
  • Career selection activities
  • Profile building activities
  • Individual career planning activities
  • Psychometric testing activity
  • Shadowing with a parent program
  • Internship program-Internal and External
  • Informative workshops
  • Testing Center
  • Career Fair
  • Expedition Visit
  • University Tours and presentation program
  • University applications
  • Career talks by professionals
  • Linking career activities with other school programs, such as CAS and DOE

It addresses the academic and career needs and concerns of students with the purpose to intervene, guide and show them the right direction according to their individual profile. It is implemented by the career team with support from parents, students, teacher and supervisors through activities and programs such as: Individual counselling sessions

Lastly, it includes programs with activities and services for teachers, staff and school administration, with the purpose to provide support to the career guidance program of the school and for its successful execution. It is implemented by the career team with support from all the stake holders of the school through activities and programs such as:

  • Professional development workshops
  • Workshops for all stakeholders
  • Networking activities
  • Research and publications

All the activities and programs have been pilot tested before implementing and reengineered by feedback after completion. All the activities are implemented keeping the academic level of the child. For example, activities like psychometric test, individual counselling and university applications are addressed separately and differently for SEND students, where more time and support along with their individual university requirements.


While the drive and development of this career guidance program may have been sown by the author, its conceptualization and further engineering depends significantly on the career counsellors, teachers and the principal. This collaboration is extremely essential for taking any new initiative and implementing any such program, so that the activities weigh the right meaning and relevance for all the stakeholders of the school. Parents and community professionals are the most important resources, where many activities can be linked and taken forward. We hope that student’s grow though the career guidance program towards achieving their career goals they have identified for themselves. Our hope is also to expand their selection of careers from traditional areas towards new and creative fields.


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