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How and why you secured the internship?

The application process to Frost and Sullivan involved a CV with attached documents including passport copy, emirates Id and a NOC letter from the school and my parents. One of the main reason why I wanted to secure that particular position was for the experience with the role and as it was relevant academically to me. The Career department in school were very helpful with my application and for the right CV for my application at Frost and Sullivan.

What you did?

When I came to Frost and Sullivan of the first day I was briefed about the position I will be working for the next one month. I was working as an intern under the department of mobility which consisted of automotive and transportation. I was working on the project which was based on the making a data list on the distributors in the automotive industry in the Saudi Arabia. I was working on preparing the primary data on the project. After I had completed on my part of the project I was assigned to another project which was about the personal thoughts of people about the future of mobility and how they preferred public transportation than owning a car. I was to get the views of 50 people in my age category to find out what they feel about the future of mobility in the world.

Did it meet your expectations?

My aim was to learn more about how marketing research is done and to learn about different industries. I feel that these aims and expectations were met as I learnt a lot working in a firm and in my career field.

How has it impacted your professional and personal development?

I developed numerous skills, including the use of different communication systems and various project development websites. A key communication skill I had to acquire was communicating to individuals at various situations. The internship massively facilitated my personal development, as I learnt about my capabilities to take actions on maintaining productivity and professionalism in my work. This included developing interpersonal relationships with the other employees in the firm . Working in such a small office, taught me about what such an environment was like. But in the end it was a valuable experience for me.

What did you accomplish?

During my internship at Frost and Sullivan I accomplished various skills including time management skill to complete the project work within a given period of time and also communication skills with my department head and other employees of the firm.

The facets of your experience that you liked- Why?

The best part about the internship was the discussion on the various topics taking place which was very new for me and also working in an office as it gave me a good working experience in such environment.

The facets of your experience that you did not like- Why?

The office experience was very new for me and I was very excited and the work was very well which did not make me dislike any experience at the office but the one thing I did not like was traveling everyday to the office which was in Jumeriah lake towers which was very far from my house and traveling everyday for 45mins in the metro was very tiring.

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