Importance of Research Program for School students

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Importance of Research Program for School student

This is why 200+ curious students have started their journey towards research this summer

This summer 200+ students of grade 11 and 12 have grabbed the unique opportunity of the “Research Program”, where they will be mentored by more than 10 International University professors from Dubai and India, from more than 30 departments.

Through this they will be:
  • Understanding the research process , methods and how researchers work on problems
  • Enhancing the ability to analyze data and integrate theory and practice
  • Developing skills in the interpretation of results, making proposals, budgeting, and project management
  • Enhancing on their professional identity, personal growth, intellectual development and mentorship
  • Clarifying on their career path by understanding the depth of their discipline
  • Positively impacting on university applications;
  • Enhancing on their critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, writing, presentation and interpersonal skills
  • Having tolerance for obstacles
  • Learning to work independently and confidence
  • Understanding how knowledge is constructed, and
  • Understanding that assertions require supporting evidence

Congratulations to all my students and to the university faculty members for embarking into an enriching learning experience.

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